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Remodeling and Home Design

35 Holton Street, Winchester, MA

NEW ARRIVAL! Fusion Natural Quartzite

Fusion Natural Quartzite Polished 3CM (Block 38539)

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NEW ARRIVAL! Blue Flower Granite

Blue Flower Granite Polished 3CM (Block 4556)

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NEW ARRIVAL! Sea Pearl Quartzite

Sea Pearl Natural Quartzite Polished 3CM (Block 4345)

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NEW ARRIVAL! Rajado Marble

Rajado is a white marble with areas of calcite, gray veins and a very light blue mix on the white background.

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Our Warehouse

We're made the investment to make sure that our warehouse is well lit and well spaced to see the true beauty of our products.

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Our Products

With more than 20,000 square footage of interior warehouse space, our products are fully displayed with enough space for everyone to enjoy its beauty.

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Our Location

We're nestled right on the Woburn/Winchester line (but considered Winchester) in Massachusetts. We're close to many restaurants, an excellent bakery, and the Woburn Mall. There are many opportunities to turn your visit here into an outing.

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Our Service

We believe in being treated as we would like to be treated. Though we only sell directly to fabricators, we treat our walk-ins with the courtesy we'd expect from others. We do our best to give them space to browse, but also answer any questions they may have.

We are not the largest supplier but we value quality and customer service over size. That will always be more important to us. - Rod Silva, Owner