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How Do I Get A Stone From CBS For My Home? What’s The Process?

A: Sometimes when shopping for natural stone for your home or project, the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming or confusing. We aim to make it as clear as possible, so

Here’s How It Works:

1. When coming to our warehouse, you will be asked to read and sign a sign-in form, and will not be able to view our inventory if you refuse to do so. We place everyone’s safety at the top of our list, and we feel that it is extremely important to make everyone aware of the possible dangers associated with visiting a natural slab warehouse.

2. You will most likely be asked, “Who sent you over to us”, or “Who is your fabricator?” A fabricator is the person/company who will actually be doing the work on the stone (cutting, edging, and finally installing in your home). Sometimes, folks are sent to us by their contractor. In that case, your contractor most likely has a fabricator that he/she uses on a regular basis. Your communication should still be with your contractor in this case unless he/she tells you otherwise. We are the supplier. We do not give prices, quotes, edging information, or anything related to the installation or lead times. We simply supply the slab that you choose to your fabricator (we sell directly to them). If there’s anything that you want to receive pricing information for from our warehouse, we will send the information over to your fabricator and they will be in touch with you for pricing. We do not recommend fabricators as that is against our company policy.

3. Once you have viewed our material, you have the option of having us send a wishlist to your fabricator for pricing. Also, if you feel you’ve found the stone for you, the slab(s) can be tagged (placed on hold) at that point. This hold is for 5 business days and will be automatically taken off hold thereafter if we do not receive any news from you or your fabricator.

4. At this point it is into your hands and your fabricator. Your fabricator will most likely contact you for pricing (if you don’t already have that information) and you and your family will make a final decision as to whether or not you’ve found the perfect stone for your home. If you decide to go with the stone, you should let your fabricator know as soon as possible.

5. Every fabricator works slightly differently, but for the most part, your fabricator will only purchase the slab you chose once you give them a deposit. This assures them that you are a serious customer, because buying a slab is a serious purchase for them. They usually do this in order to make sure that they have a serious customer for it.

6. Once the slab is purchased from us, a delivery date is arranged between us and the fabricator. The slab gets delivered to their shop (cutting location). At this point, all coordination for anything related to your slab is directly with your fabricator, and is completely out of our hands.

7. Your fabricator cuts your stone according to your template (templating is worked out between you and the fabricator). An installation date is worked out between you and them, and you now have beautiful natural stone surfaces in your home!


So basically, we are the wholesaler. We aim to make your visit to our location a positive experience, and we try to answer your questions if we can. But there are certain things that just has to be through your fabricator. We like to be clear in the process, and hope that this has answered your questions as to how it all works.


-The CBS Team


We do our best to suit your needs. We offer competitive pricing and welcome your customers into our warehouse to see the material first hand. We are always happy to answer their questions and aim to make them feel welcome in our facility.

When you buy from us, we deliver the material to you. We aim to make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible.



Most folks who come to our warehouse have been sent by their fabricator. We welcome homeowners to our warehouse because we know how important of a decision it is to pick your stone. If you do not have a fabricator and would still like to see our material, you are welcome to do so. We will show you our material just the same.

We encourage you to find a fabricator before-hand, however. It makes the process easier for you. We are a distributor and can only sell stone to fabricators. Therefore, you’d only be able to receive pricing for our material from your fabricator. We sell to all fabricators.

(Please keep in mind when planning a visit to our location that it is a warehouse, and is not a place that is suitable for children. You should always be aware of your surroundings and watch your step closely at any stone warehouse you may visit)